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7 superfoods you must include in your diet today for healthier winter!

7 superfoods you must include in your diet today for healthier winter!

As the weather gets chilly in the country following the first rain spell of the season and we anticipate an earlier winter this year, it is equally important to keep a check on health.

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Being a quick and widely available source of Protein, eggs are packed with Vitamin D as well as B6 and B12, which plays an important role in strengthening the immunity person in the human body. Additionally, eggs are a great source of Zinc, a mineral responsible to fight common winter illnesses like cold and flu.


While fresh fish and seafood are a year-round affair, the wide availability and consumption of seafood in winter especially is no secret. Apart from Vitamin D, seafood including fish, prawns, crabs and lobsters are rich in minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and iodine, that not only fight off winter cold but also improve the overall health and immunity in humans.

Leafy Greens

Some very basic and locally available green leafy vegetables like Spinach, Mustard leaves, Fenugreek, cabbage, peas, cucumber and even mint, that all of us have been ignoring as a child (or even adults), it is the time to introduce those in your diet today. Rich in antioxidants and minerals, have these veggies in the form of salads, soups or smoothies, not only for the improved immune system but also for some glowing glass skin.

Root Veggies

Root vegetables like Radishes, Turnips, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Beetroots are a great way to keep oneself warm in the chilly weather. Apart from being great for weight loss, all these underground vegetables are rich in fibre and are packed with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese. Another ground vegetable, Ginger, is extremely essential to include in winter teas and soups, also for its medicinal properties.

Nuts & Seeds

Having a high concentration of healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) in addition to proteins and fibre,  nuts are responsible for thermogenesis – a process of heat production – in the human body. Therefore, winter is a great time to incorporate those Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, Cashewnuts, Peanuts and other seeds in your diet.

Citrus Fruits

Besides their fresh flavour and bright appearance, citrus fruits like Oranges, Tangerines, Grapefruits, Clementines and Limes, are a great source of Vitamin C, which is known to help boost immunity and combat the winter diseases like colds, flu etc.


Some very basic household spices should be made an essential part of your diet to keep you warm throughout the chilly evenings. Spices like Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Star Anise, Black pepper and Cloves are found in every desi kitchen, and having them on a regular basis in your teas and desserts, will not only keep the cold at bay but also help against common diseases with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. So, which of these winter superfoods are you taking today?