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7 Things every guy wish he could do without being judged

7 Things every guy wish he could do without being judged

Us women can probably do everything a man can in terms of dressing, career and of course haircuts! But to think of men..can they do everything us women can without being judged too quickly? Here are certain things men wish they could do without being fingers being raised at them. Gear up for some serious information!

1.Get Mani Pedi:

Men in Pakistan are always a little too secretive when comes to getting their hands and feet pretty, but they love it as much as we do. It’s against their manhood *rolls eyes*

2.Express Emotion Openly 

For the oddest reasons men try to camouflage their feelings and be that MACHO who never cries in public. Let’s be honest, all men wish they could, but oh well.

3.Use Make Up To Conceal Blemish 

????????Let’s start 2017 without any judgement!

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Who wouldn’t want to cover their dark circles while heading out for a date or wedding?

4.Be a Preschool Teacher


Teaching younger kids is not just easy but too fun, however, some reason parents get on high alert and are reluctant of sending their toddler to learn from a male teacher.

5. Sitting With One Leg Crossed Over 


Avoiding comments like ‘doesn’t that hurt’ and ‘are you gay’ are why men don’t sit as comfortable as that!

6.Wear Face Masks To Keep Themselves Content

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They do leave our skin smooth and soft!

7.Carry Their Personal Belonging In Their Purse


Wallet, keys, pack of cigarettes, cell phone – wow so much for your pocket.