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7 Winter Care Tips to Incorporate in Your Routine

7 Winter Care Tips to Incorporate in Your Routine

As the weather is getting chilly and winters seem to be finally approaching in the country, are you the one who is getting excited to devour all tprada x yeezy adidas silver football shoes cellulite birkenöl weleda cellulite birkenöl weleda epiphany piano puma stanley air jordan 4 cafe privilege cafetière isotherme ???????????? ????????? ??????????? men josh allen jersey ?????? ??????? tongs Kallisté c est quoi un consdensateur micro cravate myš klávesnica robot zumba he hot chocolates and halwas on the long nights, or is the one who is already sceptical, and dreading the season for the dry, itchy skin that it will bring along?

Well, no need to worry even if you are the latter, as we have some easy-peasy winter care tips for you to incorporate into your daily rynotoutlet and-camicie andcamiciesaldi mandarinaduckoutlet fracominaabiti benettonoutlet 24hbottle geoxoutlet legioiedigea fracominaabiti lingerie super sexy kleankanteenkinder 24hbottle ynotsaldi air max goaterra 2.0 outine, and say goodbye to flaky skin and dry hair.

Let’s have a look at these tips.

  • Moisturise

Definitely goes without saying but still many don’t follow this simplest of hacks religiously to avoid dryness overall on the body. Invest in good face and body moisturizers, with ingredients suitable for your skin type and be generous with the application.winter care tips Added bonus, apply moisturizers on the wet body to lock in the moisture.

  • Avoid Using Soaps

While the harsh, chemical-laden soaps are not a perfect choice to make in any season, in winter especially, the soaps lead to further dryness. Hence, go for mild, non-soap cleansers, and also avoid washing hands and face too often in the season.winter care tips

  • Limit Hot Water Usage

Yes, we can agree on how soothing the long warm showers might feel on cold days, however, using extremely hot water can result in a ‘winter itch’ in many. Therefore, it is always recommended to prefer lukewarm water for washing either the face, hair or body.winter care tips

  • Use Sunscreen

The myth that is still fooling many is that one doesn’t need sunscreen in winter or on darker days, which is not true. Irrespective of the season, sunscreen with at least SPF 30-50 is essential one should swear by, to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation which can lead to skin damage and other diseases including cancer.winter care tips

  • Equal (or more) Protection for Lips

Lips are often the most neglected body part when indulging in self-care day or skincare routine on a daily basis, which being one of the most body parts shouldn’t be the case. Get a good-ol lip balm or a moisturizer with some ratio of SPF and use it consistently.

  • Avoid Too Much Layering

While the number of sweaters, mufflers and woollen caps layered on the body in winter is never enough, it should be noted that the outermost layer of our body i.e. skin is more sensitive in the dryer weather. Hence, to treat it well, one must put the soft fabrics close to the skin – and not wool.winter care tips

  • Avoid Being Too Close to Heat

Just like long hot showers, nothing is more comforting than sitting right next to a heater with a warm beverage during winter. However, being close to heat for too long can worsen skin dryness and leads to prominent dry patches. So to keep yourself warm, wear warm clothes rather than sitting next to the heat.

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Which of these winter care tips are you going to follow?