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9 Pakistani men who will make you a little unsteady

9 Pakistani men who will make you a little unsteady

Going gaga over some sexy men is totally justified because they make you weak in the knees and your heart certainly skips a beat when you see them. So all you girls – besides drooling over all the handsome hunks of Hollywood do you think there are men here in Pakistan who rule your hearts? With those dreamy eyes, flawless jaw lines, terrific build and killer smile – the following men can sweep you off of your feet by a look solely. Though they are an eye candy but the kind that you want to keep to yourself forever! Have a look these Pakistani celebrities that are so crush-able!

1.Hamza Ali Abbasi

2. Fawad Khan

3.Sikandar Rizvi 

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3.Bilal Ashraf 

4.Adeel Hussain

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5.Mikaal Zulfiqar 

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6.Sheheryar Munawar

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7.Imran Abbas

8.Osman Khalid Butt

9.Humayun Saeed