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Aap Ke Liye - Is Shaheer Falling For Washma?

Aap Ke Liye - Is Shaheer Falling For Washma?

Shaheer and Washma are poles apart and that’s no surprise but they still get along fine. She plays with servant kids, makes Shaheer enjoy the rain and entertains him to the maximum. The childlike Washma eventually is making a place in Shaheer’s heart.

On the other hand when Washma reveals to Areesha that her ‘Omer’ problems are about get sorted, she loses her temper and yells at her brother for disclosing her personal life to the girl she can’t stand.

Moreover, Shaheer’s ex wife is so fed up of drowning in her own tears that she believes it’s about time she moves on and secures her future. She tells her father that she’s prepared to finally tie the knot with Zohaib. Is she really moving on or is just another tactic to feel better about herself?


Shaheer’s older sister plans up to meet Zohaib and tell Areesha that they both will get married as long as she is here, this seems like yet another plot that she has against Areesha. Areesha believes her and tells Zohaib about this, hesitant about the situation – Zohaib tells her that his mother probably won’t be comfortable with the ‘larki vala coming for rishta’ and that ticks Areesha off, the two talk it out and agree that Areesha’s older sister will come see Zohaib’s family.

Furthermore, bored all the time  – Washma discusses with Shaheer that she will begin a course to kill her time and Shaheer supports her decision completely. The two seem to be like those cute couples who fight all the time but make up at the end of the day. That’s the beauty of love!

Will Areesha and Zohaib get married? Is there another plan that Shaheer’s older sister has in her head? Will Shaheer and Washma be that perfect couple? How will Washma actually survive in this new home where both her sister in laws despise her?

To get all the answers don’t forget to watch the next episode of Aap Ke Liye tonight at 9.00 PM only on ARY Digital.




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