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Abrish is in a bigger trouble in ‘Khuda Na Karay’

Abrish is in a bigger trouble in ‘Khuda Na Karay’


Father is one of the most important person and one’s life but not many people realize this until and unless life teaches them a lesson. ‘Khuda Na Karay’ is a story about a girl Abrish who went and married a boy against her father’s will and karma came back to her.

Abrish’s husband Farhad died on the wedding night and she was broken when this happened, she lost her entire life in one night. Her father wasn’t accepting her and she had nowhere to go. Her mother-in-law also didn’t keep her in the house but then Abiha her elder sister helped her out. Abiha got married and she is gone to her husband’s house and Abrish tried her best that her dad would forgive her.

After lost of tries her father is back to normal with her but life is unpredictable. Abrish experienced a severe pain in her stomach and after a check up in the hospital it was said that she is being diagnosed with cancer. Her father is very upset about it and is wondering that why Abrish has to face all the difficulties in her life, she is back home but on medication.

Abiha is having a tough time with her husband as she can’t understand him, he is having doubts that Abiha might be talking to Jhanzaib but actually she is making him understand to leave Abrish as she is in iddat. Lots of things have fallen apart which left every uncomfortable, watch ‘Khuda Na Karay’ every Monday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.