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Ahmed Ali Butt celebrates his birthday amid close friends

Ahmed Ali Butt celebrates his birthday amid close friends

Whenever you’ll hear the name, Ahmed Ali Butt, you’ll instantly think of a person who’s sprinkling his wit and charm with every sentence he speaks. Having started his career from an underground band called Entity Paradigm alongside the suave, Fawad Khan, Ahmed went on to garner exceptional praise for his commendable orating skills, and later for his flamboyant acting.

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Had he not acted in flicks like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Punjab Nahi Jaungi, no one would have really known the intensity of versatility he carries. With his mind-blowing acting in the second installment of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, he has arguably conquered the throne of Pakistan’s most versatile actor.


The actor has just celebrated his birthday last weekend and the amount of excitement all the attendees carried in their hearts, can easily be deciphered by the photos and video from the event. Ahmed and all his close friends including Fawad have come for a Tambola night as soon as his birthday started.


Have a look at this cutie win the game. He celebrates while someone from the background asks to check the chit he is carrying.


To celebrate the ceremonial birthday event, Fawad and his better half, Sadaf Fawad have come to join the clan.


Here we go, both the power couples, hand in hand, giving us some major best-friend goals.


Ahmed comes near the cake that depicted himself with a cinematic theme.


What an ultimately adorable human being! Have a look at him cutting the cake of his birthday with infinite excitement and a plethora of happiness.


Fawad doubles the fun by literally biting off Ahmed’s head off the cake. Neither will Fawad nor will Ahmed ever forget this day, we’re certain!


Ahmed posts a groupfie of all the people who came to celebrate his birthday in super-chic attires. The guests include fragments from the media and fashion fraternity, amongst others.


Happy Belated Birthday Ahmed, we wish you all the happiness and success, with a life engulfed with love and contentment galore. Keep shining the brightest!

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