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'Aisi Hai Tanhai' has left a mark on hearts

'Aisi Hai Tanhai' has left a mark on hearts

Pakistani drama industry has been a host to abundant of dramas in its entire tenure. However, few dramas have left their imprints on the hearts of a wide populace residing in Pakistan and living abroad.

‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’ happens to be a similar sort of drama which sheds light on one of the major issues growing wildly in the society. It portrays how a love affair of adolescence can ruin the present and future of not just an individual, but the whole family becomes victimized.

From the initial episode to the last episode, ‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’ has had a plethora of emotions oozing out of the spectators, making it one of the most extensively watched drama.

It occurred as an absolute treat to the eyes watching both Pakeeza and Hamza reminisce about the time they spent together. But the soothing sight remained intact for a very short period of time until assassins tried to kill Pakeeza just outside the court. Hamza proved, yet again, to be a person whose heart beat for Pakeeza only by sacrificing his life in order to save hers.

Both Pakeeza and Hamza will be remembered for quite a long time in the coming days for their extraordinary love story. Hamza happens to be the truest definition of unconditional and selfless love. The love both these characters portrayed has left all the fans in ample tears.

Meanwhile, after the death of Haris, Kinza decides to complete her Iddat in the same house because she has been completely loyal to him throughout her journey with him.

Jahangir Salim is booked in the murder of Haris and involved in Pakeeza’s case too. The court sentences 25 years imprisonment to the person who has ferociously raped Pakeeza in the hospital.

The speech Pakeeza uttered in the court has proved to be one of the most powerful speeches ever written or uttered. She has explained how one blunder of adolescence can act rather catastrophic for an individual and at times for the entire family. She has also said that no matter how big of a trouble someone possesses, constant strength and consistent tolerance become factors of re-emergence.

Furthermore, Pakeeza forgives Rimsha and starts living with her because she has been entirely guilty due to her past mistakes and has transformed into a better human.

Pakeeza, on the other hand, opens a training school for little girls, teaching them self-defense for any circumstance they might face. She has wiped away all her tears and now, her only motto is to empower women just like Hamza empowered Pakeeza when everyone else thought she was dead.

Sonya Hussain, with ‘Aisi Hai Tanhai’ has garnered immense fame and recognition which has made her a role model for abundant of teenage girls. This drama has become a backbone for the awareness of little girls about their self, their worth and their dignity.

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