Can you take on Ali Safina’s recent photoshop challenge?

The dapper, Ali Safina is not only known for his flamboyant acting skills, but he is also an owner to a pretty humorous personality, sprinkling charm wherever he goes. Since the ICC World Cup 2019 is making rounds across the world, our witty Laddu from ‘Barfi Laddu’ planned to engage his fans in a fun challenge revolving around the World Cup.

He posts a photo of himself on Instagram from the shoot of Barfi Laddu with the camera and crew in the background. He captions the photo with, “Can someone photoshop me and put me on the cricket pitch ????”

As soon as he uploaded the photo, it garnered instant feedback from his followers. Some said they can do it while others asked him to check his inbox. The actor was blown away by the intensity of creativity his followers put into the photo making him look perfect in every scene with complete subtlety.

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Have a look at Ali being a bowler all set to take a run-up to bowl, another version of Imran Tahir, during an important discussion with the umpire, in the post-match ceremony, all at the same time.

Can you adjust him on the field better than all these people have? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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