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Singer Ali Tariq dedicates a special song to Sheheryar Munawar

Singer Ali Tariq dedicates a special song to Sheheryar Munawar

Famous singer Ali Tariq dedicated the song of the film “Paray Hat Love” to the renowned actor Sheheryar Munawar during an event.

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According to the details, Ali Tariq added a special touch to the wedding ceremony of the famous fashion photographer Shahbaz Shazi when he dedicated the famous song ‘Behka na’ to Sheheryar Munawar.

The wedding ceremony was attended by notable personalities from the film industry, including Mahira Khan, Hania Aamir, Aiman and Minal Khan, Muneeb Butt, Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, Momal Sheikh, and Amna Ilyas. The celebrities made the wedding ceremony memorable with their splendid dance performances.

Alongside the dance performances, Ali Tariq’s melodious voice also added charm to the event, and the guests couldn’t help but join in and sing along. He also dedicated a song to Hania Aamir.

“Parey Hut Love,” a Pakistani film, captivated audiences with its enchanting story and mesmerizing performances. Directed by Asim Raza, the film takes viewers on a journey filled with romance, laughter, and heartfelt emotions. It showcases the blossoming love between the characters played by Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali, set against the backdrop of stunning locations. With its catchy music and soulful melodies, “Parey Hut Love” became a sensation, leaving a lasting impact on the Pakistani film industry. The film’s vibrant cinematography, engaging screenplay, and talented ensemble cast, including Mahira Khan, Zara Noor Abbas, and Ahmed Ali Butt, contributed to its success. “Parey Hut Love” stands as a testament to the creativity and excellence of Pakistani cinema, providing audiences with a delightful and memorable cinematic experience.

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