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Ali Zafar nailed it in Coke Studio!

Ali Zafar nailed it in Coke Studio!


It has not been a long while since Coke Studio season 8 has started but it has been the talk of the town. Every Pakistani is drooling over tracks since the first episode and Ali Zafar just added on to it.

Without a doubt Ali Zafar is a rock star himself and giving a performance like this wowed the viewers. His new song ‘Rockstar’ is rocking! Celebrities and people from all around the world are gaga over it.

The song starts on a low base but when he took over the stage, held the mike, which is the moment when we see the true rock star in him. It simply blew the minds of his fans and music lovers. Whether it’s his old song Channo or this fresh single Rockstar, Ali Zafar definitely knows how to impress his audience through his fun lyrics and upbeat tones.

Celebrities from all around the world are tweeting about it:

His performance was so phenomenal that even stars of tinsel town could not resist praising him. Bollywood’s hunk and heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan took this to his twitter account to express how mesmerized he was after listening to Rockstar. And Ali Zafar also replied to his tweet:

 You can listen to the amazing song here:


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