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Is Arshad Chai Wala Selling Chaai Again?

Is Arshad Chai Wala Selling Chaai Again?


The Chai Wala has taken the internet by storm and people who haven’t heard of him must be living under a rock! The Chai Wala had a one on one conversation with Nida Yasir on her morning show and guess what? We will walk you through the entire interview.

Arshad Khan A.K.A chai wala has 17 siblings and he falls on the third in line, being only 17 himself  Arshad Khan is just another bread earner of his family. The green eyed charmer is the apple of his parent’s eyes and his youngest sister is only two weeks old. The handsome hunk is very humble and has those good look charms which has made countless women skip a heartbeat.

Have a look at all that Arshad Khan says to Nida Yasir

After the long fun-filled conversation with Nida, Arshad went through a transformation that added so much more to his charismatic personality! You can’t miss out on that adorable smile that he flaunts.

Seems like all the luck just fell into Asrhad’s lap and he’s going to make the most of it! We wish him all the luck and look forward to all of his upcoming work.