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ARY Digital Releases Intense 'Haiwan' Teasers

ARY Digital Releases Intense 'Haiwan' Teasers

It seems like it was just yesterday when ARY Digital started broadcasting Akhri Station, a mini-series that was not only watched excessively but was loved by a huge populace worldwide. Soon after, ARY Digital opted for Bay Dardi, which is albeit an educational drama which also depicts the implication of social stigmas in our country, followed by Meri Guriya, which dwells on one of the most harrowing incidents, our country ever experienced. Likewise, the official teasers of Haiwan have released on ARY Digital, and the drama looks immensely moving and influencing at the same time.

HaiwanIdream Productions have come up with a topic, that is not only close to our hearts, but it also sheds light on the atrocity that has been rotting our country for a while. The drama incorporates A-lists artists like the veteran, Faysal Quraishi, the talented, Savera Nadeem and the gorgeous, Sanam Chaudhary as parts of the ensemble cast.

When we look at the teasers of this drama, it is safe to say that it seems like the story of a family, having Faysal Quraishi and Savera Nadeem as parents with a few daughters, including Sanam Chaudhary. The first teaser of the drama depicts a bunch of school-going girls, playing. The mother asks one of her daughters to call another daughter, apparently from a friend’s home. She points at the major concept of the drama by telling her daughter about the potentials dangers of the era we are living in.

The second teaser of Haiwan delineates that the father asks his daughter to avoid going outside. He further asks her to take care of herself and blames his wife for all the unpleasant occurrences his daughters go through. The teaser further exhibits a plethora of devastations the entire family faced amid an abundance of tears and painful cries.

Haiwan’s third teaser happens to rather depressing. It starts with the mother, going to a police station to tell that her daughter has been missing for two days. It proceeds with the daughter being intensively frightened that all she could say way “Nahi” and “Ammi.” It further shows her mother and even her father being so infuriated about whatever happened to their daughter, that all they say is “Nahi,” with an abundance of dejection on their faces.

Haiwan is all set to hit your television sets, really soon. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments sections below.


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