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Trailer proves Baaji has all the ingredients to be the blockbuster!

Trailer proves Baaji has all the ingredients to be the blockbuster!

The revival of Pakistani cinema has given us many flamboyant movies on immensely important and diverse topics. However, these topics are starting to become conventional as well. In order to fathom how things really work in the Lollywood fraternity, it is important to witness the industry closely and Saqib Malik has apparently taken this responsibility in his own hands with his latest venture Baaji which has a pristine yet essential topic.

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The trailer of Baaji has just released and it exhibits grandeur throughout its 2 minutes and 42 seconds. The power-packed trailer depicts the concept of shelf life of an actress and how people haunt actresses like vultures, ripping off all their passion and zeal, getting them to question their own talent and beauty.

BaajiShameera, played by the gorgeous Meera Jee is an actress who is told by her close ones that her era is over but she thinks otherwise. She goes to a spa and out of exhaustion tells everything to the stunning Amna Ilyas who apparently works there. she consoles the actress and in return, gets a job as her assistant.

BaajiOn the other hand, Rohail Khan, played by the dapper Osman Khalid Butt is a director who is looking for a perfect face for his next movie. He reaches out to Shameera for the role and spends time with her to get to know her well.

BaajiHowever, Shameera is afraid and insecure due to the consistent backlash by her friends and people in the industry. In a turn of events, her insecurity becomes a reality when Rohail opts for Amna instead. This leaves Shameera utterly devastated and angry because she thinks the only reason Amna came into her life was that she wanted to fetch her position.

Written by the legendary Irfan Ahmed Urfi and helmed by Saqib Malik, Baaji does not only cater exceptional story but also some extraordinary camera work and visuals. the movie is releasing across Pakistan on 28th June 2019.

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