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Badnaam - ARY Digital Exclusive Drama

Badnaam - ARY Digital Exclusive Drama


badnaam‘Badnaam’, this new play is a story about a girl named Minahil who is engaged to her cousin but due to a misunderstanding she gets in trouble which her family perceives as elopment.

Everybody disowns her and claims that she is a characterless girl.

For her, the biggest battle is to prove her innocence.

Minahil’s parents who have supported Minahil in every step of her life failed this time!

Minahil’s uncle, who wanted Minahil to be his daughter in law to keep family property in family but her aunt blames her in every possible way.

Minahil’s family throws her out of the house and pushes her to marry a stranger.

Afraaz Yazdani is the hero of the story; He is a social worker by profession; so he accepts Minahil’s hand in marriage when she was blamed for something which she did not do.

He accepts her in front of everybody just to prove her innocence.

Will they both accept each other and this marriage?

Will Minahil be able to prove her innocence?

Writer: Ghazala Naqvi

Director: Mohsin Talat


  • Sanam Chaudhry as Minahil
  • Ali Kazmi as Afraaz
  • Raeed as Mahroz
  • Shameen as Shumail
  • Naima Khan,
  • Ahson Talish,
  • Saba Faisal,
  • Behroze Sabswari,
  • Azra Manzoor,
  • Zhalay Sarhadi and others

Timing :

This drama is over , but you can watch all the episodes click here