Bay Dardi | A Roller Coaster Of Immense Agony

ARY Digital has a long history of coming up with unique topics, in order to educate the spectators about the ongoing social issues our country is facing. Topics like these play a pivotal role in creating a difference in the society, establishing a uniform and long-lasting positive impact.

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Being a torchbearer of picking dramas on various taboo topics, ARY Digital has subtly chosen Bay Dardi to create a difference in the society. Not only is Bay Dardi an educational drama, it also makes the society more tolerant towards people of the sort.

Bay DardiThe drama starts off with Shafay, played by Affan Waheed, meeting Bia, played by Aiman Khan in a bus. The drama also includes Shafay’s friend, Rohail, who has a Casanova character. He ends up ditching Bia’s elder sister, Rabia, resulting in her suicide. Bia’s family shifts to Karachi and Shafay too comes home in order to take care of his family business. Bia’s brother, played by the veteran, Kashif Mehmood, injures himself in an accident with internal brain injuries. Bia goes to Shafay’s office for a job in the place of her brother and Shafay appoints her at once. He tells her that he had nothing to do with whatever Rohail did with Rabia and she forgives him.

Shafay’s bad health condition raise eyebrows of his mother, Maimoona, played by the veteran actress, Bushra Ansari and his maternal uncle, Tabrez, played by the maestro, Behroze Sabzwari. In order to know about his declining health, they get his blood test done, only to fathom that he is suffering from HIV-AIDS.

Bay DardiMaimoona has decided to keep the news of his disease under wraps just to make sure that he lives the rest of his life with happiness. For the sake of his happiness, she gets him married to Bia in the absence of Tabrez. Tabrez, upon his return, threats Maimoona, to tell the truth to both Shafay and Bia but Maimoona asks him not to. She even includes the doctor in her callous plan of keeping the truth in secrecy. While being on their honeymoon, Bia and Shafay shorten their trip due to their flawed health conditions. Upon arrival, Maimoona gets Bia’s blood test done, to further know that she is also suffering from HIV. While Maimoona and Tabrez talk about Bia’s reports, Bia hears everything and she decides to leave home but Maimoona blackmails her because of her brother’s health.

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Bia is victimized ferociously by Maimoona and her only ray of hope happens to be Tabrez, who, because of Maimoona, chooses to stay silent but has a soft corner for Bia. Bia goes to her brother’s home various times and Shafay brings him back but she never says anything in front of her brother. Bia thinks that her culprit is Shafay which makes her hate him. Meanwhile, Shafay has no clue of the reason behind Bia’s arrogance but he still tries to ignite the lost love in her heart.

Bay DardiShafay starts thinking that Bia is not interested in him anymore and he plans to find out the truth. Maimoona, on the other hand, plans to tell the truth about Bia to Shafay and she somehow brings the report in front of him. He goes behind Bia to the hospital and witnesses her meet Dr. Hamza to discuss her abortion. He comes back and finds Bia with her packed bags, all set to leave the house. He thinks that she has been cheating him all this while. He accuses Bia of having a bad character and asks her to leave.

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While Bia is on her way to her brother’s home, Maimoona calls her brother’s house to tell everything about the reports. As a result, her sister-in-law refuses to open the door for her, asking her to leave. Bia calls Dr. Ayesha, who has been treating her to tell that she is coming to the hospital. Upon her arrival at the hospital, Dr. Ayesha leaves because she had to go somewhere so Dr. Hamza takes Bia to his home. Dr. Hamza’s spouse doesn’t like Bia in the house. She hears Bia and her husband talk about Aids and asks Bia to leave the house as a result.

Bay DardiOn the other hand, Tabrez tells everything to Shafay and he tells him that the reason behind Bia’s condition is Shafay, since he is an AIDS patient, that too, because he has used Rohail’s razor to shave. Shafay decides to find Bia after knowing the truth in order to apologize for accusing her. Bia walks on the rails tracks, apparently to die but a man comes to rescue her. He tells Bia that he doesn’t have a daughter and Bia can come to live with him and his wife as their daughter. Bia agrees and finds out that they are the parents of Rohail. Shafay goes to the hospital to find Bia but he rather finds Rohail on his deathbed. The doctor gives the belongings of Rohail to Shafay, incorporating his diary also. Rohail has requested Shafay to give a certain amount to his parents after his death. Shafay and Tabrez go to Rohail’s parents to give the amount and tell them that their son has gone to London. Bia comes to know that Shafay is in the house so she decides to run away without informing anyone.

Bay DardiMaimoona goes to the house of Bia’s brother to apologize for her wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Bia too decides to try one more time to come to her brother’s house. Maimoona requests her to come with her to Shafay but she refuses and her brother asks Maimoona to leave. Maimoona tells Tabrez and he brings Shafay to their house. After an exchange of powerful dialogues, Bia agrees to go with Shafay because he is also innocent, just like Bia.

Through Bay Dardi, the makers have given a very vital message to the audience very subtly, incorporating every little detail about the topic with total adroitness. From depicting that the victims might have red bruises over the body, to breaking the stereotypes about AIDS, the drama Bay Dardi is surely one of the dramas that leave their mark for a long period of time.

Bay DardiWhat are your views on this story? How do you think will the drama unfold? Tell us in the comments below.


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