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Bay Imaan Mohabbat- Episode 1-8 Review

Bay Imaan Mohabbat- Episode 1-8 Review

Drama serial Bay Imaan Mohabbat – dishonest love aires from ARY Digital on every Sunday at 9:00 PM. Love without the true deeper feelings just for the sake of the wealth, luxuries, and better life style is shown in this drama. It is a combination of lives and decisions of people in pursue of their better future. This serial is written by the talented writer Amir Raza and very well directed by Kashif Nasir and Sohail Imran. Strong line up actors in the drama are Saba Qamar, Adnan Shah Tipu, Laila Zuberi, Agha Ali, Uzma Hassan, Samiya Mumtaz and Nauman Ejaz.

Maira is a sightless women and affectionate wife married with an opportunist Nabeel for a long time. The couple is childless. Maira is a couragous women and ALLAH has blessed her with talent and skills, which she uses in a very effective way.   Nabeel is cheating on his spouse as he is having an affair with his co-worker Sumbal. Sumbal is social climber and she had many affairs with her former bosses in past too. Her sole desire is to get money only.

Maira hires a private investigator to keep an eye on Sumbul and Nabeel as she wants her husband back. Sumbal finds no escape and writes a resignation letter putting  allegation of sexual harassment on Nabeel to get release from blackmailing situation. Nabeel knows that if he leaves Maira he will be facing troubles and go back to his old lifestyle. Despite of her disability, Maira very well knows how to deal with her husband. She is brave enough to deal with tough circumstance of life.  The play revolves around another ravishing character Dania who belongs to a middle class family with modest values. She is least interested in domestic lifestyle instead wants to be a model. She dreams of a glamourous life style but to her misery she is engaged to  Naeem who is a lower level clerk in a government office and has a part time job in a private company and Dania loathes him. Naeem desperatly wants to marry Dania.


Here story takes a twist; Dania is having an affair with her next-door neighborhood Baber , who works in a clothe shop. He is engaged to his older cousin Sobia and he does infuriating things infront of her to get release from her because of the reason he does not muster the courage to refuse her directly. Dania realizes that she is playing with the emotions of Sobia and Naeem as she is continuously cheating on both of them. Dania warns Baber to make the relationship official within a month.   Sobia is greatest pal of Dania and she shares every bit of her life with Dania concerning her fiancé. So clever Dania is she efficiently uses the information of Baber to prolong her affair with him. Dania always deceives her mother by telling her that she is going to Sobia’s place but instead goes on date with Baber. 


Qazi Sheab is Dania’s father who has been working in a government office for a long time. A New officer takes charge in Qazi Sheab office. He (New officer) goes through all papers and suddenly finds some papers are missing. He calls Qazi Sheab in his office for inquiry and threatens him which causes Qazi Sheab a heart attack.

Nabeel is still contacting and searching for Sambul and want to know that why she left him and put allegations of sexual harassment. 


In my opinion, Barber is playing with his fiancé as well as Dania. Barber doesn’t have guts to take a stand for Dania. Naeem is so loyal to Dania and wants her in any cost as he truly loves her and willing to accept her with all pros and cons.

Will Dania refuse to marry Naeem in such conditions that her father is hospitalized? Share your valuable thoughts with us.