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Besharam - Haider And Mishi's Relationship Will Hit Rock Bottom

Besharam - Haider And Mishi's Relationship Will Hit Rock Bottom

The most anticipated drama serial is now coming to an end, the second last episode of Besharam was yet another mesmerizing episode. Hamna and Manaan are about to tie the knot, finally Mishi’s mother has bowed down to her sons decision. Isn’t that a great news?

On the other hand Haider’s mother can’t be more worried about the fact that he’s changed drastically when he handed a huge amount of money in her hands. Due to this entire change conflicts between Haider and Mishi begin to rise.

Haider on a live show says that he was the one who gave that certain respect to Mishal, he added that ‘meri biwi model thi, besaharam thi ,maine usee izzat di’ and that sentence breaks Mishal – knowing that the love of her life would say something as awful about her as he did was probably unbearable. According to him that was plain politics, but now he’s losing Mishi.

Furthermore, Qadeer was kicked out of his job solely because of not marrying his boss’s daughter Neelam, after dumping her Qadeer is now empty handed. No love, no job and no happiness.

The after effects of this entire situation leads to Mishi coming to a decision of leaving the house and she demands him to quit his politics if he wants her to return. She tells him if he’s not willing to do that she’ll leave him. Is this justified? Should Mishi actually take a step that would be catastrophic for her marriage?

Will Haider and Mishi get divorced? How will Haider deal with this state? This entire scenario might leave a huge impact on Hamna and Manaan’s relationship, will the two split too? Watch what happens next only on Besharam on Tuesdays at 8.00 PM only on ARY Digital.

You can also watch the live streaming of this show only on ARY Digital! So don’t miss out.



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