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Besharam - Is Haider And Mishal's Marriage At Stake?

Besharam - Is Haider And Mishal's Marriage At Stake?

The news of Haider’s car being shot at was no less than a mental trauma for Mishi and his entire family, Besharam has again proved to be a phenomenal show that surprises us with all kinds of expecting twists and turns. The result of this incident leads to Haider being forced to move to different house by Asfand Saab.

On the other hand, there’s a high chance that Qadeer and Hamna might actually get married and that’s when Manan asks Hamna to consider him for marriage. On top of that – another proposal for her is on the way, seems like she has about three suitors in line.

Moreover, the ‘shifting to another house’  is becoming one of the biggest obstacle for Haider as his family disagrees to the decision. Mishi clearly refuses that she won’t shift to a new house and Haider should focus more on the people in his area and help them rather than shifting to a different house. She obviously wants him to be a good politician.

Besharam has gotten super exciting and now that Hamna has marriage proposals on the way, Haider wanting to move in a new house, and Qadeer’s job almost slipping from his hands as Neelam overhears the entire conversation of his marriage with Hamna. It all just gets better.

Who will Hamna marry? What circumstances will Qadeer face after what he did to Neelam? The relationship of Haider and Mishi will get better or worse? Is Hamna going to say yes to Manan? To find out all the answers don’t miss out on Besharam only on ARY Digital on Tuesday at 8.00 PM.



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