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Besharam - A Lot To Look Forward To!

Besharam - A Lot To Look Forward To!

The love between Mishi and Haider grows with each day passing by, the two seem to have that romance building up which is yet another reason for us to watch Besharam, the show only gets better and gives us an added reason to look forward to another episode. The way Haider forbids Mishi to stay overnight at her mother’s place is beyond cute and we all can see how much she’s loving all the attention.

Moreover, Hamna is too worried after Manan’s proposal and begins to act peculiar around Mishi, furthermore Qadeer’s parents regret calling off the engagement of Hamna with their son and are considering to wed these two now. The girl that Qadeer intends to marry is no less than a devil and his parents despise her.


On the other hand Manaan confesses to Mishi that he’s fallen in love with Hamna, and wishes to marry her. Mishi overreacts on this shocking news, she tells him that their mother, Haider and her mother in law will never agree to this decision and she ridicules him.

However, Manaan takes a stand in front of his mother for Hamna and his mother does nothing but insults him. Qadeer’s parents now force him to leave Neelam and marry Hamna to which he responds that leaving Neelam will jeopardize his job.

Qadeer then tricks Neelam into leaving his house and going back home which does upset her, he promises to join her in 4-5 days and books her tickets.


Besharam only gets better every week and we love that, the twists and turns are worth waiting for. For the next episode do you think Hamna and Manaan will get married? If Qadeer wants to marry Hamna how will things turn out? The relationship of Mishi and Haider only gets better, will something hinder that? To find out all the answers don’t forget to watch the next episode of Besharam only on ARY Digital on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM.




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