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Bushra being the man of the house - 'Main Bushra'

Bushra being the man of the house - 'Main Bushra'

Main Bushra

A girl is the important person on who the entire family is build on, whereas a father is the head of the house and nothing goes without his say. ‘Main Bushra’ is a story about a girl who gives her best but her father is not ready to accept her in anyway. Bushra is supporting the entire house along with her sisters and her mother. Bushra is all pure and truthful about all that happens in her life but her father does not believe her.

Zinnia who is Bushra’s younger sister was in love with Kamran but he was a spoil brat. He tried his best to get Bushra stuck but the truth unveiled itself. Zinnia spilled the truth out and it solved the chaos but yet Bushra’s father is not in her favor. He is all the time cursing his daughters as if they by themselves were born on their own.

Well with a lot of girl issues, Bushra’s friend is also worried of her husband. She committed suicide leaving her daughter and husband behind. Bushra is very helpless and her father is burdening all the pressure on her. From earning money to looking after the family everything is depending on Bushra. Finally Faysal Quershi enters the drama being Bushra’s boss’s relative. He is being a proud person and giving a hard time to Bushra.

Bushra is going through a hard time and it is not easy to live in an environment where your family is not supporting you. Watch ‘Main Bushra’ every Thursday at 8:00 pm if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.