Camera closes for Baddua, Muneeb Butt shares an adorable video

Actor Muneeb Butt took to Instagram Sunday night to publish a video of the team behind drama serial Baddua, cutting a cake as they bid adieu to the shooting.

He wrote, “Finally camera closed for Baddua!” He went on to appreciate and pay gratitude to the director and producer of the drama. He also lauded his co-actor, Amar Khan, for being an “amazing performer.”


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In the video, veteran actress Saba Faisal, along with Abdullah Ejaz and Komal Rizvi, can be seen praising Muneeb Butt for being the life of the party on every drama set he appears on.

The lead actress of the show Amar Khan commented, “Lots and lots of love to all of you. It was indeed my pleasure. And thank u @muneeb_butt u r one gem of a person and a consistent laughter spreader.”

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Currently, the drama has come to a very crucial point with Junaid, coming to know of Abeer’s involvement in Mohsin’s demise and how she is still trying to prove herself innocent. Abeer is in the state of constant agony and she is steadfast to transfer this contagious agony in the life of every person of the house.

Likewise, Junaid is constantly bugging Neelam and Affan, asking for forgiveness. His abrupt visit to Neelam while Affan is not home generates doubts in Affan’s heart.

Abeer is trying so hard to win Junaid’s trust back but she still is talking to a boy secretly. The boy she is talking to is somehow related to the person her sister is about to marry.

Well, after the immensely intriguing teaser, how do you think will tonight’s episode unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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