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Celebrities who are as much foodies as they are fitness freaks

Celebrities who are as much foodies as they are fitness freaks

Imagine yourself in front of the camera 24/7, how would you feel? There may be many answers to this but one thing is for certain that being in front of the camera would want everyone to look their best all the time! Now talking about the celebrities who are always under the spotlight, are always under the pressure to look their best every time wanting to be fit and healthy. They follow strict diet plans and do heavy workouts. However, there are a few celebrities who being fitness freaks are also foodies with their social media loaded with food-photography making us crave for everything, FOOD!


The “Raees” girl, our very own Mahira Khan who represented Pakistan in Bollywood working next to the King Khan is a die-hard foodie. Surprised, no? Mahira Khan, the woman whose looks have always made people’s heart skip a beat never fails to look her best in any event or her daily life. Looking at her lean figure, we may think that she is a fitness freak. However, the fact of the matter is that she loves to eat more than working out! Her Instagram account has several posts of her eating “Junk Food” proving her to be an ultimate foodie!

Burger pe burger pe burger pe burger pe burger.. lekin pait nahi bhara my lord!

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The macho man of our industry, Umair Jaswal, gained popularity as the main vocalist of a rock band “Qayyas” in a short span of time. The stud with his killer looks has a body to die for.  Not only girls, Umair’s body is also a motivation for guys of all ages. But despite being so health conscious, Umair doesn’t stop himself from having any kind of food. Not only is his Instagram filled with food pictures, Umair also owns a burger joint in Islamabad, serving the best burgers in town.

New burger coming your way real soon. Damnnn this one’s really yummy ???? #imatjessies

A post shared by Umair Jaswal (@umairjaswalofficial) on


One of the most versatile celebrities in our industry, Meesha Shafi, never fails to impress her fans. Her dress sense being an inspiration to many makes her the star of every event she attends. However, our beloved celebrity loves to eat as much she likes to take care of herself.


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Sohai Ali Abro’s tremendous transformation from a chubby girl to having the perfect figure has everyone amazed. This drastic change is a motivation for many but along with losing all the weight, Sohai doesn’t forget to treat her taste buds every once in a while. Why? Because hey, she loves food!

Hands down the best waffles in town! ???????? @thewafflewitch ?? #thewafflewitch #karachi

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Maintaining his position amongst the top 10 Sexiest Men of Asia since 2013, Ali Zafar lives his life striking a perfect balance between food and exercise. He focuses on his workouts but that doesn’t curb his love for food, with him sometimes eating anything at any hour. Recently, his Instagram post of eating an ice cream around 2:00 am is the perfect proof of that.

Inside an ice cream cup at 2 am. Soch hai aapki.

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