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Celebrities open up about being sexually harassed!

Celebrities open up about being sexually harassed!

The brutal rape and murder of 7 year old Zainab has jolted the foundations of Pakistan and with the masses the celebrities also took upon the social media to demand justice for Zainab. The entire world is calling out to bring the culprits under law and demand complete justice.

These celebrities are helping people understand that this issue needs to be speak up in front of the world and should not be hidden.

Not only this, this incident made a few of our celebrities to bring forward their experiments of sexual harassment and here’s what they have to share:

Nadia Jamil:

Heart wrenching but truth, incidents like these should be reported immediately and should not be hided.

Frieha Altaf:

The queen of PR Frieha also shared her childhood incident.

Maheen Khan:

The bespoke designer also took it to twitter to speak about the issue and the harassment she faced.