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Celebrities Who Pulled Off Rainbow Hair Very well!

Celebrities Who Pulled Off Rainbow Hair Very well!

Life is too short to have boring hair, so start thinking out of the box and go crazy on them. Whether you go blonde, brunette or dark. Its just about standing out! Sometimes being a little out there does wonders. We have compiled few of those celebrities who added some oomph to their outlook with these wacky hair dyes. Have a look and you can thank us later!

Nikki Minaj :

She topped it! Hands down Nikki Minaj has always been persistent with creativity, she went blue, she went red and she even went rainbow. And guess what? She pulled them all off terrifically.


Katy Perry :

The hot and cold singer has made waves with her nightingale voice, and there is doubt about the fact that she can make you move well with her upbeat music and various miscellaneous lyrics. This celebrity is just picture perfect and the blend of purple and blue gives her that mermaid look that she flaunts well.


Joe Jonas :

The Day-Glo hair movement isn’t restricted to the girls’ club—Jonas added a jewel-toned streak to his strands as an impromptu makeover and still manged to look OMG!


Avril Lavigne :

The song writer, singer and actress is literally the most versatile personality in Hollywood, we’ve seen her going goth, girly and even that ‘hot mama.’ The women keeps a constant change and never fails to astound us.



Zayn Malik :

The Pillow Talk singer makes it certain that even guys can pull off any hair color they desire to. Pinks or blues – its about believing and following your own perceptions about everything.


Kylie Jenner :

These mint extensions are clearly the new hip, no matter what Kylie wear, her hair is just spot on!


Jared Leto :

Leto’s pink Mohawk may be too much for even the boldest of babes, but you can still dabble with a similarly daring do – by dying or shaving a portion of your hair. After all, you can always hide an undercut or a small strip of rainbow-colored hair.