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Celebrities standing up for Syria

Celebrities standing up for Syria

Scrolling down our social media platforms, we find photos of children engulfed in mud and blood, videos of howling rockets rampaging suburbs and main cities resulting in acute devastation. We often ‘like’ the posts or maybe click on the ‘sad’ or ‘angry’ reaction, we even share the posts once or twice. But does that ignite any humanity in our soul?

Syria has been in a state of war since years. People that are being killed there, are being killed like insects and flies, in a cluster, every day, every night. International, developed, first world countries (read: West) is uncommunicative at the moment, at all the moments, especially when a Muslim country is under conflagration. It might be because the neighboring Muslims and the Muslim nations, at large, are dumbfounded.

Social media supposedly has occurred as a blessing for entire humanity, we notice men and women fighting for their rights. They talk about empowerment, equality, initiate awareness campaigns for abundant causes. In short, social media has quite a reach and the ability to change moods and perceptions. Check-ins and ‘feeling something’ have taken over, actually having empathy for a person or a cause.

Although the massacre is underway since a week, we have noticed social media posts floating latest from yesterday, when the viral photographs and videos have become so heart-wrenching that sleeping without hassle has become a hassle itself. We’ve quite expected people who are celebrated in Pakistan and abroad to raise a voice for the oppressed, but, either other events that are happening in the country are more important or Syrian toddlers are lesser of humans. Out of abundant of acclaimed celebrities that carry a gigantic fan following, charitable organizations or an opinion on issues; few have come forward to raise their voice.

Pakistan’s favorite cricketers, Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar have expressed their concern against the inhumane oppression in Syria on Twitter.

Hearthhrob Hamza Ali Abbasi has described the horrifying scenes of Syria and world’s silence by quoting a Hadiath.

Armeena Khan is one of the celebrities to speak on every major issue not just in the country, but in the world, at large. She has taken her grief to Twitter in order to make a prayer for the people who are watching their homes turn to ruins and their loved ones to ashes.

In another tweet, she has urged people to make #Syria a trend so that the world would know how massive is the populace which stands with them.

A devoted mother, Mahira Khan has come forward to tweet about the ongoing catastrophic condition that has shaken Syria to its core, killing innocent children in a desultory manner.

Khan also re tweeted the video of a Syrian girl.

Marwa Hocane has proved to carry a heart that beats for the world. She tweeted a heart-melting picture that is being re-tweeted by her countless fans.

In another tweet, she has written her despair.

Pakistani pop singer, Rabi Pirzada has questioned silence of the world over Syrian crisis.

Pakistani designer, Feeha Jamshed has also mentioned the world is a disgrace to humanity, she says.

Meanwhile, Esha Gupta and Ajaz Khan happened to be the Bollywood celebrities to condemn this ferocious apocalypse.


We, at ARY, are absolutely saddened by the atrocious conditions faced by juveniles, men, and women in Syria. We pray for their safety and for the safety of entire humanity.

We didn’t post any videos in this story because we didn’t want to show the harrowing scenario our brothers are into.

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