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Is there a chance for Noor to convince his mother for Mikayail's proposal?

Is there a chance for Noor to convince his mother for Mikayail's proposal?

Drama serial Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is turning into a content horizon  as Noor is settling emotionally and morally as his family has joined hands to protect him against all odds, Mahagul has not left a single bit to built a protective sphere for her son as being a single parent to raise an exceptional child was a real deal. With the immense support of Mikayail Noor was able to purchase his own restaurant franchise and also approved with an idea to built a school for the hermaphrodites to be a part to play an important role in building their lives.

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Noor’s feeling is leaning towards Sania as he wants to start his life towards a normal mode, however upon discussing matters with Mikayail he gave advice to Noor that due to some reason he cannot commit into a long term serious relationship with Sania as it is a bitter truth but he has to confront the consequences. The discussion made him gloomy but where there are other things happening in his favor he had to admit the fact of the lack of a life partner, although he could be friends with her . Noor is trying best to make her mother happy by having a heart to heart conversation with her mom, but Mahagul is a headstrong and brave woman and is more interested towards her work.

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On the other hand Zain’s family is not happy with kind of an attitude Kashmala has portrayed , she recently visited Mahagul’s work place to remind her staying away from Zain as she is suffering from insecurities around her , this unknown presence of  Mahagul in Zain’s aura was unbearable to her as she could sense it everywhere. Zain’s mother is now feel defeated as Kashmala does not pay any heed to her and does not give the respect that is required , Zain’s mother advice him to take a healthy step of building a family of their own but found out that Kashmala could not conceive.

Its one of those days today. Again.

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Will Zain ever miss his child Noor?

Is Mahagul stuck in a whirl of her own uncertainty?

Is there a chance for Noor to convince his mother for Mikayail’s proposal?

Will Zain’s parents ever going to bear the sorrows of their only son?

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