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Mannat doesn't seem to settle for anything but justice in Cheekh

Mannat doesn't seem to settle for anything but justice in Cheekh

Time and again, we have witnessed cases that depicted powerful people getting away with unforgivable and heinous crimes just because they are privileged enough to buy anyone and shape any decision in their favor. Likewise, ‘Cheekh’ delineates a similar case but the story behind it will grasp all your senses for a lot of reasons.

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ARY Digital has been winning ample hearts for subtly delving into the most serious topics that are decaying our society for a long time. When the country is crippled due to patriarchy, the extensively watched Pakistani entertainment channel is immersed in bringing dramas that portray women as heroes into the mainstream.


Having started as a beautiful drama with an immensely flamboyant cast and two happy-go-lucky families tied together by a plethora of friendliness and love galore, Cheekh went on to garner exceptional praise for its immersive display of pristine acting and thrilling storyline.

It portrayed three best friends, Mannat, Haya and Nayab staying together through the thick and thins. Haya has three brothers, Wajih, Yawar and Shayan and she gets one of her best friends Mannat married to Shayan who lives abroad. She also wants her other friend Nayab to marry Wajih and he also likes her apparently.


At Haya’s engagement, Nayab goes inside her friend’s home and whilst everyone is having a good time at the event, she jumps from the terrace and ends up in a critical condition in the hospital. Just before passing away she tells the police officer, “Raja is a wolf.” Nayab’s stepmother accuses Wajih and his family of killing her but the reports suggest that she had been victimized before she fell.

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Mannat takes the stand to investigate her best friend’s murder and she speculates Wajih’s involvement in it. To her surprise, Wajih confesses that he had tried to molest her and upon resistance, he pushed her off the terrace. He goes on to haunt Nayab’s father and mentally tortures Mannat telling her that she couldn’t do anything to him.


Amid depression and helplessness, Mannat calls Shayan and he asks her to take a flight to live with him. In her way to the airport, she decides to visit Nayab’s place and finds out Wajih had sent the police to arrest Nayab’s father and assault him in the jail. She goes to jail and lodges a First Information Report (FIR) against Wajih. She gets home and after a moment, the police arrives to take Wajih to the jail.

Yawar calls a lawyer and asks him to get his brother out of the prison in any way possible. He urges Mannat to take her complaint down but she denies. He then calls Shayan to speak ill about Mannat, requesting him to come home.


With this powerful decision to stand against oppression whilst being alone and seemingly helpless, Mannat proves to be an epitome of bravery by taking an exemplary decision of relinquishing quietness and standing up for justice. We are certain, people will come to know about real empowerment whilst watching Cheekh.

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