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Cheekh is back on public demand!

Cheekh is back on public demand!

Cheekh had been a literal rollercoaster ride of emotions. Fans were over the moon watching how Shayan went against his brothers to stand with his wife because he believed in her, for the chemistry they had, for the baby they were going to have.

However, spectators were taken aback when Yawer chose to help Wajih in spite of knowing he is a murderer, when Wajih stooped too low by making a video against Mannat and spreading it on social media, when Mannat and Shayan’s unborn baby died, when Mannat’s mother died, and when the love of her life, Shayan was killed in cold blood.

Wajih, played by Bilal Abbas Khan proved to be an epitome of class when it comes to the portrayal of a negative character. Notwithstanding his plans to tarnish the strength of Mannat, dama enthusiasts still showed sympathy for him in the last episode while he read the Holy Quran and had his last encounter with family.

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However, it was certainly the iron lady Saba Qamar who captivated the audiences with impactful dialogues and power-packed performance. Despite being in complete misery, she stood resilient and chose not to give up no matter what came her way. After the demise of her mother and husband, she avenged them singlehandedly, with complete mastery.


Well, the super-hit show is back on ARY Digital on public demand! In the wake of the worldwide lockdown, ARY Digital has made sure to entertain its spectators when they need it the most. Following the news of the airing of blockbuster dramas like Meray Paas Tum Ho and Aisi Hai Tanhai, your favorite entertainment channel has also brought acclaimed Cheekh for its loyal consumers.

The drama will be broadcasted every Monday, Sunday, and Friday at 10:00 PM. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Cheekh will be aired at 11:00 PM.

Which other ARY Digital hit dramas do you miss the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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