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‘Chup Raho’ lost its track

‘Chup Raho’ lost its track

Chup Raho

While narrating it is very important to keep a hold on the story but ‘Chup Raho’ lost its track. ‘Chup Raho’ initially was a story about a girl who got raped by her own brother-in-law but gradually the story got sidetracked. Rameen’s sister, brother-in-law and husband made Rameen leave the house when she started speaking the truth.

In this entire trauma Rameen left her house, husband and her family while she settled in a hostel but the group of girls that she experienced there took disadvantage of her innocence. In all this Aazar might have committed suicide but nothing is confirmed as yet because the story has been diverted.  Rameen met another man who gave her shelter in his house but then Rameen is not very comfortable.

chup raho

He has always been angry and he has three daughters Arisha, Sila and Eshal whereas they like Rameen very much. They have not seen and experienced mother’s love since a long time and when they met Rameen they felt what love actually is. The father is very aggressive all the time and this is because he has to take care of the entire family alone. Rameen is trying to fill in but he is not appreciating it, Rameen decided to leave the house but then he bought her back.

He does not have a soft corner for anyone and Rameen is not comfortable about it. Watch ‘Chup Raho’ every Tuesday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next and did actually Aazar die or not. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.