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Coke Studio's Pareek Will Take You On The Real Kalash Folk Ride!

Coke Studio's Pareek Will Take You On The Real Kalash Folk Ride!

The highly anticipated music show of Pakistan, Coke Studio is back with a bang but this time, the producers, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have taken the show to a whole new level by going on a talent hunt spree all across Pakistan.

The Coke Studio Explorer segment divulges some breathtaking sceneries from all over the country, be it the deserts of Sindh and Balochistan or snow-covered mountains of Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir. Just like every year, Coke Studio sets a milestone yet again through Coke Studio Explorer where Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi actually go to the places where talented singers live in lieu of calling them to enthrall in the studio.

The first episode of Coke Studio explorer just released yesterday and it takes you to a magical ride of Kalash folk in the midst of beauteous mountains and beautiful people. The episode entitled “Pareek” is the story of Ariana and Amrina and their tale of friendship. Coke Studio has uploaded the bts video of the first episode delineating the breathtaking locations and the small room where the recording took place having Pakistan’s national flags waving high in the midst of snow covered mountains. The video also depicts the rawness and pureness of the voices of these young women and how they were shy during the recording.

Albeit having captions, if you watch the music video even without them, you will unarguably get goosebumps with every stanza these melodious girls sing. The song does not only carry Ariana and Amrina as singers, it also has various other voices of children and women for the chorus. The way these people live can easily be deciphered by the subtle cinematography of this video song exhibiting every minimal detail about the destination from their traditional dresses to the sports they play and they expressions they cater. Give it a watch for the perfect Northern Pakistan experience.



We are hands down excited for the second episode of this ultimate treat named Coke Studio Explorer. What do you think about Pareek? Have your say in the comments section below.


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