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Dil Lagi - Will Sabiha's Situation Get Worse?

Dil Lagi - Will Sabiha's Situation Get Worse?

Marriage is a not just a bond of two bodies but also two souls. Anmol and Mohid’s relationship is the kind where they both want different things. Mohid wants Anmol and Anmol hates him!

While Anmol’s sister and Dastagir try to patch things up between this couple, Anmol constantly taunts and irritates Mohid. Whether by leaving the cage of his pigeons open, or ‘assuming’ he hates biryani and yet making it. She leaves no chance to blame him for the misery she’s in.

On the other hand Sabiha is afraid her mother will find out that she is pregnant with Fazal’s baby, various calls to Fazal let Sabiha know that he’s not in the city, which upsets her even more. It’s so hard dealing with so many problems all alone. However, Anmol helps her sister in law with tracking down Fazal and decides to go inform him about Sabiha being pregnant. She heads to Hyderabad to break the news to him.

Sabiha’s mother has very high doubts that her daughter is pregnant and so she brings in a lady to check if Sabiha really is expecting, scared and alone – now Sabiha finds herself in the middle of a terrible situation.

Will Anmol find and tell Fazal that he’s about to be a father? Will Mohid ever melt Anmol’s heart? What will Sabiha do now? To find out all the answers, keep watching Dil Lagi only on ARY Digital.