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Dillagi - Anmol Is Too Brave And Bold For A Pakistani Woman

Dillagi - Anmol Is Too Brave And Bold For A Pakistani Woman


Dressed as a bride, led by impulse, Anmol takes a ‘Molvi’ and barges into Mohid’s house like a wounded tigress.

Mohid is confused on seeing Anmol at his door; he asks her what it is all about. Anmol tells him not to act surprised since this is exactly what he wanted; Mohid assures that there is some serious misunderstanding.

Not willing to listen to any clarifications, Anmol tells him to perform a ‘Nikkah’ with her, and in case he cannot, she threatens to marry the first guy she sees after walking away.


Mohid knows her well; she’s stubborn and will do exactly what she says. Scared that this might be his only chance to make her his, he agrees and makes his mother agree too.

When the ‘Molvi’ states the ‘Haq Mehr’ amount, Anmol denies, suggests her own terms and conditions and the ‘Nikkah’  finally takes place.

Mohid’s mother will do anything for her son’s happiness, unhappy with the flow of things she tells him that what’s done is done but the damage should now be fixed. She’ll bring Anmol home with respect regardless of her immature decision.

While the mother and son think of fixing things, Anmol makes another impulsive and damaging decision, she runs away. Worried they go to her mother’s house thinking she must have gone home only to find that she’s not there either.

After a night of worrying everyone, her family and new in laws, Anmol goes back to her mother and sister, packs her bags and heads back to Mohids home.

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Mohid is happy that she’s back! But will his happiness last? Anmol is too brave and bold for a Pakistani woman, she will do everything to destroy his happiness as revenge!


To find out what happens next, continue watching Dillagi at 8pm every Saturday, only on ARY Digital!