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Dino Ali's dream project is to work with AR Rehman | Exclusive Interview

Dino Ali's dream project is to work with AR Rehman | Exclusive Interview

If you are a millennial, you must have an idea about who Dino Ali is. We have been hearing him sing and watching him host shows since decades. After working as a Radio Jockey in the UK for BBC, he went on to garner exceptional fame via his Video Jockey-ing on local channels. We have managed to get in touch with the singer following the release of his latest upbeat tune, ‘Pyar Yehi Hai’. We are certain that all his fans want to ask a bunch of questions from their favorite singer. Most of your questions will be answered in the following conversation we have had with the heartthrob.


1-What is your real name?

Ans. Dino is not my real name, my name is Muhammed Ali Charlie.

2-How did you come around being called Dino?

Ans. It was my nickname. People used to call me Dino at home and it just kind of stuck. There is no major reason behind it but I used to love the cartoon Flintstone. There was a dinosaur named Dino, so that’s how it happened.

3-You worked with BBC initially. How was your experience with it?

Ans. It was amazing! I learned a lot and I learned how it works in the international arena, how international media works and I met a lot of people. It was an amazing experience and I can never thank God enough to be able to get this experience.

4-How was your experience with acting?

Ans. Acting is a very tough job. I, honestly, after doing acting, carry newfound respect for actors and I salute them for their hard work and dedication because acting is a very very tough job. It takes a lot to do roles and get into your character. So I really really appreciate the hard work actors do after getting into acting myself.


5-What was the finest show you hosted?

Ans. There are two actually. A long time ago, there was a huge festival in Lahore. I forgot the name of that park but there were a lot of celebs. There was Atif Aslam, there was Noori and I was hosting it with Anoushey and there were about 100,000 people in the crowd. So that was a really amazing experience, so I remember that. And of course, my interview with the legendary, Amitabh Bachchan was definitely the biggest interview career moment in my life. So I would undoubtedly say that my interview with Amitabh Bachchan was definitely my finest moment.

6-Did you come in the fraternity following your grandfather and father?

Ans. Yes! My father Latif Charlie was a famous actor, he actually won awards and stuff. My grandfather was one of the biggest comedians of Indo-Pak in the 1940s and even the 50s. Yeah! I mean it was entirely natural. I actually wanted to do music, so what I wanted to do was different from what my father and grandfather did. But naturally, I appeared on the TV and started hosting.

7-What did you want to become when you were a kid?

Ans. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist. I liked to do sketching and artwork so I would have wanted to be an artist for Marvel or DC comics because I am a huge fan. But singing is, I think, something I wanted to do since I was a kid.

8-From acting to singing and of course an RJ as well, how did it happen?

Ans. I started RJ-ing first actually. I was very young, I was probably like 16, I started working with FM and then I went on doing TV as a host at a local music channel. I did VJ-ing for several years and then I joined a radio channel again to become an RJ and then singing happened in between. A lot of things happened at the same time but I think RJ-ing is the first thing I ended up doing.

9-Is there anything Dino is scared of?

Ans. I am scared of disappointing my family or bringing shame to my family in some way and not doing things that create a good image of people I love. I feel everybody invested so much in me, invested so much in my life that I owe them to try to be a good role model I possibly can. I want to work hard on my image and not do anything wrong or anything which can upset the people I love.


10-As a singer or as an actor, who do you want to work with?

Ans. As a singer, I would love to work with Adele, if you are talking about my dream. If I would have a chance to sing with anyone it would be Adele or I would love to sing with the legendary AR Rehman. Singing with Rehman Sahab would be my ultimate dream. As an actor, I would love to work with Faysal Qureshi because he is my role model and he is like my elder brother and I love him and he is, in my opinion, the best actor Pakistan has ever produced. Faysal Qureshi Bhai, I would love to work with him. But as a singer, I would love to sing with AR Rehman or Adele.

11-What is that one thing that makes you proud of yourself?

Ans. I have always kept a good reputation and also, of course, that I have always had a good heart and I have never in my life hurt anyone intentionally. I have never been rude to people and I have never had any attitude problems. I think people in the industry will always say that I am a decent guy so I feel like that is something I’m extremely proud of. As media and fame kind of messes with your head and you start thinking that you are better than others and I have seen that happen to people so I feel like that is the one thing I have never done and I still don’t think like that. That is the one thing I am proud of, to be true to myself and I am still the same Dino I was many many years ago.

12-Tell us about your favorite quotation, a poem or maybe a prose.

Ans. Favorite quotation, something my father said to me a long time ago. He said, “Don’t let your fame get to your head. don’t let your failures get to your heart. Keep doing what you need to do and keep moving forward.” So that’s my favorite quotation.

13-Tell us something about yourself people don’t really know.

Ans. That I am a very emotional person. I don’t know if people really know that. People think I am a very happy-go-lucky guy, always partying. I really am a very emotional person. I am a very shy person. You know people think that in real life I am as wild or in your face, but in reality, I am a very shy person. If people come to meet me it takes time for me to open up like that.

14-What would a dream project look like to you?

Ans. My dream project would look like working with Rohail Hayat or AR Rehman on a film or maybe sing songs for a film incorporating these two. That would be my dream project.

15-Tell us about your new song and your upcoming projects.

Ans. My new song is called ‘Pyar Yehi Hai’ and the video is out, you can watch it on Youtube. And I’ve got other compositions in the pipeline. My upcoming project is to make more music In Shaa Allah I will be making regular music every month or two, I will be singing songs and apart from that, I am working on a movie where I am playing a very vital role, one of the leads and it’s a negative role but it’s amazing. It is done by Laal series.

Having all this being said, we wish Dino Ali well for all his future albums. Keep making great music Dino, you are arguably one of the most melodious singers of Pakistan.

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