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Dobara Phir Se - Another Masterpiece On its Way?

Dobara Phir Se - Another Masterpiece On its Way?


The Pakistani industry is growing vastly in terms of entertainment, plot and thrill. The amount of movies and dramas that are produced assures the fact that a lot of surprises are coming your way. Another masterpiece that will soon be up on your nearest cinemas and will keep you on the edge of your seats is the movie Dobara Phir Se (DPS) – which is directed by Mehreen Jabbar and is a production of ARY Films.


So, the team of ARY Digital decided to snoop around a bit and have an inquisitive fun filled session with the cast members of DPS. Inside scoop? The cast members have disclosed some serious secrets that you probably weren’t aware of, heck we weren’t of them either! Well that’s all about to change, and you’re about to find out some fun facts about this cool lot.

Did you know that Sanam Saeed is head over heels in love with the popular show Mad Men? Or were you aware of the fact that Adeel Hussain has no pick up line? Ooh ooh, did you know Hareem Farooq does absolutely nothing but sleep on her Sunday afternoons? No? We thought so. Scroll down and you’ll find out more secrets of this phenomenal cast.

Furthermore, the cast explained how terrific it was working with each other, the handsome hunk Adeel Hussain shared that he did not like it when reality stroked and he had to return to his homeland (he simply loved being there in his apartment and having a ball with Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to kick back and relax?)

Hareem has worked both in front of the camera and behind it too now, so we inquired her which role she would opt for. The actor turned producer replied that it’s tough to decide since both the jobs cannot be compared. However, she did mention that she loves both acting and producing side by side. How tough would that be? Looks like the starlet loves being on her toes.

Tooba and Sanam revealed how they went to see a Broadway show and how the change of weather transformed the two into shopaholics. Talk about having fun!

The latest track of DPS will certainly make you groovy! Lar Gaiyaan is probably the next shaadi song that will will make waves everywhere.

Great dancing : check

Hip music : check

Fun lyrics : check.

This song is a must check out and if you intend to dance on your best friends wedding, another mehendi track you say? Well, of course it is! So be prepared to flaunt your ghagras and paraanda’s because this song has got it all. Hear it out and we promise this will make it to your playlist.

The team of Dobara Phir Se sends this message to all of their fans out there! If you wish to have an absolute ball, then you can’t afford to miss out on DPS! We look forward to the film and we have our fingers crossed that the movie would be a blockbuster that will captivate the entire audience. So support the Pakistani Cinema and don’t DON’T miss out on Dobara Phir Se releasing on the 23rd of November 2016. Have a look at the trailer.