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This astonishing Eidi is brought to you by ARY Digital

This astonishing Eidi is brought to you by ARY Digital


After entertaining its viewers with the exceptional entertainment throughout Ramadan, this Eid ARY Digital brings the biggest movies, exciting new telefilms and shows that you have not experienced before.


World TV Premiere of Pakistan’s Biggest Blockbuster of All times “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2”, along with Punjab Nahi Juangi, Na Maloom Afraad 2, Eid special telefilms, sizzling shows and Eid flavored programs, living up to its expectations ARY Digital is all set to showcase their finest and exciting Eid transmission to become a part of the memorable occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Chand Raat

Meet your favorite Celebrities from Bulbulay in Good Morning Pakistan at 10:30 PM.

Eid Day 1

10:00 AM: Start your Eid days with fun-filled and Interactive episodes of Good Morning Pakistan.


2:00 PM: This is a sequel to 2014 comedy “Na Maloom Afraad”. Three unfortunate souls plan a big heist on their shortcut to wealth but things go comically wrong along the way.

Writer: Nabeel Qureshi & Fizza Ali Meerza

Director: Nabeel Qureshi

Cast: Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh, Urwa Hocane, Hania Amir, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sadaf Kanwal, Nayyar Ejaz, and others.

5:00 PM: Khana Khud Garam Karlo is the story of a self-centered woman Jamila who pretends to be the biggest supporter of women empowerment gets actively involved with a newlywed couple in her neighborhood and things get out of hand.

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Kashif Saleem

Cast: Nadia Khan, Aiman Khan, Affan Waheed, Saleem Miaraj and others.


7:00 PM: The Biggest Sitcom of Pakistan is back with a new season of episodes. The Bulbulay family will be encountered with new situations for which they have their unique style to resolve.

Writer: Saba Hasan

Director: Rana Rizwan

Cast: Nabeel, Ayesha Omar, Hina Dilpazeer, Mehmood Aslam and others.


8:00 PM: Now settled into married life, Pervez and Sheikh jump at the chance to travel to Turkey with their wives to visit Pervez’s well-to-do brother-in-law, Rahat.

Writer: Vasay Chaudhry

Director: Nadeem Baig

Cast: Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed, Ahmed Ali Butt, Vasay Chaudhry, Kubra Khan, Sarwat Gilani, Uzma Khan, Mawra Hocane and others.


Eid Day 2

10:00 AM: Starting off your Eid Days with the fun and excitement at Good Morning Pakistan enhances the festivity of the occasion.

2:00 PM: Mehtab Khagga and his family have had generation old ties of love and friendship with Bebojee and her family despite them belonging to two different worlds. Fawad Khagga, the grandson of Mehtab Khagga, falls in love with his beloved Bebojee’s granddaughter, Amal.

Writer: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar

Director: Nadeem Baig

Cast: Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat, Ahmed Ali Butt, Urwa Hocane, Ushna Shah, Waseem Abbas, Sohail Ahmed, Ayesha Khan, Uzma Khan, Javed Shaikh, Bushra Ansari Ismail Tara, and others.

7:00 PM: Fresh and new episodes of the Biggest Sitcom of Pakistan, Bulbulay is something special for this Eid.

Writer: Saba Hasan

Director: Rana Rizwan

Cast: Nabeel, Ayesha Omar, Hina Dilpazeer, Mehmood Aslam and others.


7:30 PM: Barfi Laddu is a love story that emerges after marriage. Now Barfi and Laddu are adjusting with each other and their families, where every member has a unique personality that creates various comic situations.

Writer: Dr. Younis Butt

Director: Ramish Rizvi

Cast: Ali Safina, Sumbul Iqbal, Behroz Sabzwari, Nayyar Ejaz and others.


9:30 PM: Jhanka Tanki is the story of a boy and girl who like each other and want to marry but the greedy sister wants her brother to marry a rich girl. Now the family comes up with a strategy to convince her.

Writer: Misbah Ali Syed

Director: Kashif Saleem

Cast: Azfar Rehman, Nadia Khan, Amna Ilyas, Hina Dilpazeer and others.


Eid Day 3

10:00 AM: Celebrating your Eid Days with the fun and chit-chat at Good Morning Pakistan with celebrity guests to make your Eid memorable.

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7:00 PM: Dil To Bacha Hai is the story of middle-aged Babu Bhai & Shaban who are still unmarried. Babu Bhai aspires to marry Shaban. Shabaan’s niece Ainny likes Badar yet keep teasing her. The twist comes when Babu Bhai’s old friend, Sultan comes to visit and want to marry Shaban.

Writer: Rizwan Zaidi

Director: Erum Binte Shahid

Cast: Hira, Mani, Mehmood Aslam, Asma Abbas, Behroz Sabzwari, Shabbir Jan and others.


9:00 PM: Eid Treat for the viewers as Jeeto Pakistan will be bigger and better and much more fun on this Eid-ul-Fitr.


Eid Day 4

10:00 AM: Celebrating your Eid Days with the fun and chit-chat at Good Morning Pakistan with celebrity guests to make your Eid memorable.

7:00 PM: Babban Khala Ki Betiyan going through all the hardships in life are finally settled down. This Eid they will meet and celebrate the last double episode of the show.

Writer: Mansoor Ahmed Khan

Director: Syed Atif Hussain

Cast: Zaheen Tahira, Qavi Khan, Saima Noor, Sana Fakhar, Javeria Abbasi, Maria Wasti, Faryal Mehmood, Srha Asghar, and others.


9:00 PM: In Help me Durdana, Dino likes a rich girl Maheen and in order to impress her father, he plays a disguise of his own rich mother. Maheen’s father starts liking him as Durdana. Now he is in a situation to handle Maheen’s father and Maheen.

Writer: Saba Naseem

Director: Aabis Raza

Cast: Ushna Shah, Yasir Hussain, Mehmood Aslam, and others.


With all these entertaining shows, ARY Digital wishes you all a very happy Eid. What are your views on this schedule? Have your say in the comments section below.


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