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Fans happy on the "exemplary" ending of Jalan

Fans happy on the "exemplary" ending of Jalan

The journey of Jalan ends with a befitting last episode; Nisha spending her remaining life in an asylum without even a pinch of wealth and richness she had always strived for and Asfand, laying forever, right beside Misha, the woman he had hurt so bad that no matter how hard he begged for forgiveness, she wasn’t there to see him drowning in the ocean of his guilt.

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Penned with an absolute mastery by Sidra Seher Imran, Jalan is helmed by the exceptional director Aabis Raza, under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment, led by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi. From the script to the execution and acting, Jalan has been a true piece of art.

Every actor of the ensemble cast has given more than a hundred percent in every scene of every episode and it can be witnessed by the staggering response on both television and social media. Drama aficionados from Pakistan and abroad have taken to social media to share views about Jalan following its last episode.

Abundant people lauded the storyline and script of the drama.

Meanwhile, others loved the ending and how it gave a powerful message.




Fans also appreciated actors for their tremendous performances.


The others, however, are happy for Areej’s patience and Ahmer’s inclination towards her.

Calling it the “most successful serial of the year” some drama enthusiasts are looking forward to ARY Digital’s upcoming serials, Dunk and Aulaad.

What about Jalan did you like the most? have your say in the comments’ section below.


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