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Five Major Temptations In Ramazan

Five Major Temptations In Ramazan

This scrumptious Pizza :It’s not a usual thing to starve yourselves the entire day, you see we love pizza no matter what and I for one can have an entire box on my own with a full stomach. The tragedy is these yummy cheesy pizza’s with olives and pepperoni are a huge temptation. A tip-don’t watch all the cooking shows if you don’t want to drool.

T.V is love: For all the T.V lovers, its impossible to keep a track of all your shows while your mother keeps yelling in your ear to ‘respect the month and shut it off’, it’s hard to watch Khaleesi, or all the Hindi shows that you’d like to watch unless you want to open up your laptops and be a bit more sneaky.

Chaai and Paratha : Who doesn’t love a cup of tea and a cheese paratha with desi ghee?  it’s the perfect sehri in Ramazan and you know you love it. Oh and a side of a delicious handi qeema is a cherry on the top!

Who doesn’t love their sleep and beds? : You love your sleep People who have work and students who have universities the next day miss their beds the most. Personally every day is a struggle for me to get up in the morning and say good-bye to my cozy bed, so yeah I miss my sleep and I’m proud to say that I love it. I’m sure you all too, waking up in Suhoor and hard hours at work makes everyone drowsy and sleepy, not just that you’d nap whenever you get a chance.

Just a drag :For all those who need a smoke after food, in the morning, while driving and whatever the times they smoke. It’s tough for them, and all you smokers out there you know the pleasure of just a drag. I’ve seen  my friends, my father and my brother getting irritable on tiny things just  because there’s no smoke. Well what can you do we must respect Ramazan.

Music is love :This holy month we avoid music out of respect. But what about the people who listen to all the hip hop while driving, in shower, changing clothes or working. It’s easier said than done, holding yourself back from it, it’s too hard isn’t it? A good tip-shift to all the naats  for this month. I have. Obviously not in shower and changing, that would be highly wrong but we can listen to them while we drive and work.