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Frieha Altaf gets into hot water after posting photos on social media.

Frieha Altaf gets into hot water after posting photos on social media.

With great power comes great responsibility and when you’re a fashion icon, a wide populace looks up to you.

The power of carrying a phone in your hand at all times, along with control to share anything from the device anytime, has wholly alchemized the society we belong to. Lines of permission have evaporated from the society and a lot of us are sabotaging privacy, usually via Snapchat and Instagram. Mostly, people who upload photos of someone with an intention to insult, normally end up insulting their own intellect.

Fashion and PR magnate, Frieha Altaf, got into hot water after posting few photographs on her Instagram story.

She ridiculed few people for dressing inappropriately at the Benazir International Airport, Islamabad.

Self proclaimed fashion Police, Altaf mocked random people urging others, ‘not to wear’ anything of that sort to the airport.

She, however, apologized for her act via Twitter, but her Tweet turned out to be more of a justification for her shtick.

Being a fashion guru, Altaf, has ample fans and her following got a boost earlier this year when she opened up about being sexually harassed when she was a kid. But the majority of her fans are not happy with her recent act and few of them showed their dismay via Twitter.






What was your reaction to her Instagram’s story?




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