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‘Goya’: A new love story

‘Goya’: A new love story


Having a controlled life while your parents are monitoring it is not that something a youth is looking for. Every youngster wants to explore their life and see what they can do with this blessing. Omer Hashmi is a 25 year old youngster who is monitored by his father all day long and the youth does not like it. He is isolated and is asked to maintain a routine life which no youngster would happily follow.

In all this examining Omer meets Mohini who is a journalist and also Asma’s daughter who is an employee in the Hashmi’s company. Mohni is a fun loving girl who reminds Omer that life is not that tough. Omer was planning to leave Pakistan and go to USA but his father came to know about the plan and hid the passport and fired Mrs Imtiaz who is a governess to Omer. Mrs Imtiaz tired to save Omer so that he could go and pursue his dreams but Mr Hashmi didn’t let it happen and due to his anger he fired Mrs Imtiaz. But Mrs Hashmi is kind enough and she tried her best to make Mrs Imiaz stay back as she has worked for 17 years and it’s not correct to just let her go.

This is a fact that one gets easily attracted to happy-go nature-d people and the same thing happened with Omer. Although Mohni did insult him on National Television about their first meeting over the artist’s painting yet this was an attraction that made Omer talk to Mohni. Omer is skipping work to meet Mohni and eventually this will lead to love which will be difficult for both of them as they belong to different social status. On the other side Mr Hashmi wants Omer to marry Zara but Omer is not at all interested about it.

The formal family is so formal that they prefer calling each other by the names of Senior Hashmi and Junior Hashmi whereas Mohini is so frank with her mother that she calls her mother by her name Asma. ‘Goya’ seems to be an interesting story, watch ‘Goya’ every Saturday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.