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SCORPIONS are determined, decisive and intelligent!

The word “SCORPIO” represents dangerous and venomous, whereas, the zodiac sign gives a totally different meaning. Scorpio-born are passionate and confident individuals. They are determined, decisive and believes in being practical, they do not believe in anything until they find out the truth. They prove to be great leaders and are very expressive.

Scorpions are known for their calm and cool behavior, but sometimes they turn out as the most aggressive among all the zodiac signs. They hate dishonesty and passive people. They are usually extroverts and have a lot of friends.

Scorpio is the most sensual sign of the zodiac who are extremely passionate and companionship is very important to them. They do not fall in love easily but when they do, they love with full loyalty and sincerity. They are the most faithful and dedicated lovers you will ever find. Scorpios are good friends to be with.

As they are witty and intelligent, they become good friends with people of their own mindset. They are fun-loving so they will lose interest in the person if he/she sounds boring to them. They are one of the skillful zodiacs who are good at managing things. Take your problem to a scorpion, it will get fixed in a wink of an eye. They know how to solve and maintain things properly and maintain a balance in their lives. They are hardworking and can work day and night to achieve their goals.

Never betray a Scorpio, they hate being betrayed, they do not believe in second chance. Be loyal to them or else you will lose them forever


Our singing sensation Asim Azhar is a Scorpio-born, he recently celebrated his 21st birthday on 29th October 2017. His melodious voice and dapper looks make him the dream boy of many girls. He is a versatile person who just cannot only sing but proved himself as a great actor too. Not only this, we have often seen him hanging around with different actors and singers. #PureScorpion


Our very favorite Humaima Malick’s celebrates her birthday on 19th November that makes her a scorpion and no wonder the lady possesses beauty, acting skills and a million-dollar smile. She has made us proud with a lot of her amazing work not only in Pakistan but across the borders. We wish her a very Happy Birthday in advance. 


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