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Which guest do you wish to see at 'Shan-e-Ramadan'?

Which guest do you wish to see at 'Shan-e-Ramadan'?



Ramadan is just round the corner and people are preparing themselves with grocery shopping and planning a schedule to go for Iftar at their favorite place to avail the Iftar deals. The TV channels are also in the trend of having Ifar and Sehari transmissions and we at ARY Digital are also having a transmission by the name of Shan-e-Ramadan. In this show we will see our favorite host Waseen Badami and Junaid Jamshed. There are also guests who visit the show and the viewers get an opportunity to see them during their Iftars and Seharis.

Ramadan is the time where we must ask for forgiveness to Allah and also help others like our regular days so Shan-e-Ramadan also gives us the opportunity to help the needy. We at ARY Digital have put up this poll to see that which celebrity you want to see at this great transmission.

[poll id=”13″]

You can vote by our poll and one option can be chosen by a single user, you can also comment of one or more celebrities from our list. You can as well suggest other names if you want to. You will experience ‘Shan-e-Ramadan’ every Sehari from 2 AM and Iftar at 2 PM only on ARY Digital. You can also view Shan-e-Ramadan here.