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Gulo Gulzar's teasers depict egocentric 'Gul'

Gulo Gulzar's teasers depict egocentric 'Gul'

Continuing the legacy of bringing some of the most pristine topics to make dramas on, ARY Digital is all set to transcend the boundaries of exceptional drama production with its newest venture Gulo Gulzar.

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Helmed by Saqib Khan, written by Hasan Umar and presented by Six Sigma Plus, Gulo Gulzar seems to be a potpourri of ego, goals and broken dreams. ARY Digital has posted two teasers of the drama and they look exceptional with powerful dialogue delivery, flamboyant actors and exquisite cinematography.


The first teaser depicts the gorgeous Saboor Aly and the surreal Kinza Hashmi in the midst of a conversation. While Saboor aka ‘Gul’ uses her phone, Kinza asks her to study for her exams, to which she replies, “These exams are not everything. I want something else from life.” Upon Kinza’s insistence to know what does she really want from life, she says, “A luxurious car, a gigantic house, international tours, expensive dresses and the prince of my dreams.” Kinza then says, “Everything you have spoken about is attained through fate.” Saboor stays quiet for a while, looks at Kinza fiercely and tells Kinza that she snatches away whatever she does not get through fate.

In the second teaser, Saboor is seen as a self-obsessed and selfish girl who could do anything for the attainment of her goals. She says, “The daughter of a vegetable vendor can never become a school principal’s daughter in law.” In all her dialogues she is loathing her family and lifestyle because apparently, she belongs to a palace. However, in the very next scene, she is being beaten by Omer Shahzad in a luxurious house.

This drama will definitely be another Magnum Opus catered through ARY Digital. The story seems to be an epitome of profundity and we cannot wait to experience it on our screens!

What are your views about these teasers of Gulo Gulzar? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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