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Habs | Poetry in motion?

Habs | Poetry in motion?

Habs ends Tuesday night, and with it ends the 33-episode-long poetic journey of the juxtaposition of melancholy and tranquility. Ayesha and Basit, both tired of the circumstances they were in, find love and comfort in each other, only to fall apart due to misunderstandings and secrets.

No one, including Ayesha and Basit, could believe that any one of them had fallen out of love. They fought with each other and they fought for each other, with their own selves, because they just could not spend a moment without each other.

Ayesha was disappointed. She thought the “perfect relationship” was merely a show, put up by Basit. Soha ruined everything, or did she just put things into perspective for the couple to look at what was beyond all the chaos in their heads?

Ayesha could have chosen to raise the kid alone, but she chooses family, she chooses love, and she chooses forgiveness. She had seen her family suffer and she had seen Basit suffer, and what mother will want the same for her child?

Habs is not only the story of Ayesha or Basit, it is also the story of Bano, Zoya, their mother, and Bobby Phuppo. Talal wants Bano to forgive him and the latter puts a condition. Zoya is forgiven by Amir and she will now complete her studies and become something. Their mother finally gets the house she had always strived for. Bobby Phuppo has also found love and is now getting married.


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Director Musaddiq Malek’s magnum opus, is without a doubt, a drama ahead of its time. From the lights, soundtrack, and sets to his direction and Aliya Makhdoom’s script, Habs will always be a visual delight to revisit; it will be remembered for a very long time.

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