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Hamza Ali Abbasi's message on transgender community will melt your heart

Hamza Ali Abbasi's message on transgender community will melt your heart

It’s heartbreaking how transgenders in our society are considered secondary citizens, they are discriminated and looked down upon. Unlike the western world where the third gender is considered equal and given the same rights, our society is so caught up with mistreating and abusing them. It’s shameful.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s recent initiative where he joined hands with Alamgir in the #Fixit campaign was about actually doing something for your own country and ‘fixing it,’ the actor/news anchor painted the walls of Karachi with his team on New Year’s eve. After the recent act of kindness, Abbasi recorded a clip that spreads the message about how every transgender must be given equality in our society. He stated that they are an unrecognized community and really needs to be considered important. Abbasi is on the roll and no doubt the actor goes an extra mile when comes to being a good Pakistani citizen.

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The drama serial Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is about how a girl named Mahi (Ayesha Khan) sets out on a difficult journey against her husband and society only to give her own child the same rights as others. Is being the third gender an option? Didn’t Allah create us all? If He doesn’t judge them on being a transgender, then who are we to decide that they don’t belong? Are they meant to come flaunt their ‘dancing skills’ on weddings and birth of a baby? I think unlike and raise the question of why aren’t they given the same integrity as you and I.

We need to have education systems for the children who are neither male or female, and permit them to have white collar jobs. People like Hamza Ali Abbasi prove that a transgender belongs to the same society as any average man or a woman. They are out on streets being sexually abused or are forced to beg and plead for money so they don’t starve to death.

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