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Does Haya foresee herself being happy with Harib?

Does Haya foresee herself being happy with Harib?

Another gripping episode of Rasm-e-Duniya has captivated our attentions as the play was full of so many things to praise about. Musarat is trying to be the saviour by resolving Tabrez’s family issues due to their financial conditions they are unable to manage the expenses of their daughters. So what is the game plan of Musarat for being so generous to Tabrez’s family ? Well it was the unfinished affair that she has with Tabrez, It was their idea of marriage as she once loved Tabrez and wanted to marry him but due to some family issues Tabrez could not marry her which led her life swirl in misery , Musarat’s mother also died with this shock that made her avenged for life. This was the background of her hate and vengeance attitude that made her a double standard person.

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Faris and Haya love each other and she never thought of anyone else except him , Musarat is also aware of their love saga but she wants to take revenge of all the complexities and failures she confronted because of Tabrez, to put it in a nutshell she wants to make him taste of his own medicine. Haya is caught in a middle and is suppressed with the current situation, her mother tried to convince Musarat for Faris and Haya’s proposal but she is a headstrong woman and does not listen to anyone.

Moreover, I would like to mention the beautiful location that has been picked in the scene where Musarat summons Tabrez to have a word , the scene was beautifully shot at Haveli Restaurant which has agreat view to Badshahi Mosque and ofcourse not to mention the cinematography was as perfect. The entire episode was not letting us move anywhere as the tempo was classic and the makeup was very much “homely” slash “ordinary girls be like” . Samina Peerzada’s attire is utterly heaven and she looks gorgeous with every piece she wears.

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Let’s see if Haya foresee herself being happy with Harib as her feelings are entirely dedicated for Faris. Watch another episode of Rasm-e-Duniya every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on Ary Digital.


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