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Hira lost her baby in ‘Haq Meher’

Hira lost her baby in ‘Haq Meher’


When love marriages take place it is the happiest moment in the couple’s life but there are people around them who cannot see them happy. ‘Haq Meher’ is a story about two lovers who get married but due to haq meher the families get into a dispute. The couple loves each other but this wasn’t bearable by the people around, Sultana was one of the biggest hurdles that they had to face.

Sultana is filling Shariq’s mother up with nonsense assumptions that are making Tahira aggressive about everything. She is fighting over the most random things which are really not important for a matured person. She is saying that Hira is rude to me and she doesn’t inform her anything, these are just made up things that Sultana is filling Tahira up with.

Hira and Shariq were going to Murree for vacations while on the way to the airport Hira slipped and she experienced a miscarriage. Hira is very upset about it but Shariq is saying not to tell anyone and they will tell everyone that they are in Murree. In the meanwhile Sultana was lying to Duriya that Tahira is very cruel to Hira and they must call Hira back home.

Hira’s father is not agreeing to it and is saying that now this is only Hira’s life and she must adjust to it. All these things will take some while till the situations settle down watch ‘Haq Meher’ every Friday at 7:00 pm only on ARY Digital and if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.