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Hota Wohi hai jo ho uski Raza.

Hota Wohi hai jo ho uski Raza.

So one of Pakistan’s extensively watched dramas, Teri Raza had its last episode yesterday. It is a drama of a girl Suhana (Sanam Baloch) who was in love with Rameez (Shahroz Sabswari). They both used to study in university together. However Suhana, at various times, asked Rameez to bring the Rishta so that they can actually live together as they planned but Rameez kept avoiding and initiated different topics.

Imtiaz (Sarmad Khoosat), who lived in the United States, was Suhana’s cousin. He started liking Suhana when he got back to Pakistan and asked his mother to send a Rishta to Suhana’s parents however Suhana wanted her cousin Seema to marry him. Since they were relatives and Suhana’s parents knew Imtiaz, they became pretty happy and even grandmother’s Istikhara appeared to be positive. Meanwhile, Suhana didn’t want to marry him because she was deeply in love with Rameez and Imtiaz was a comparatively old guy. So Suhana asked Rameez yet another time to bring the Rishta but she got her heart broken when she came to know that the guy she was intensely in love with, hasn’t told his family about her and she finally said ‘yes’ for Imtiaz’s Rishta.

They got married in a fabulous ceremony and started to live together as a married couple. Since Suhana didn’t like Imtiaz in the first place, she didn’t even try to be a mature, understanding wife. She was like a hyperactive child who thought she was still an adolescent. On another hand, Imtiaz was a mature man with certain mores. He didn’t like Suhana’s juvenile behavior and showed stern attitude at times. Suhana, irritated from her husband’s tight check and balance, complained her mother about been living with an old man who doesn’t let her have fun meanwhile Imtiaz heard their conversation from a distance. Without uttering a word, Imtiaz tried to transform himself into a nice human being but this love story happened to be unidirectional.

Suhana’s mother used to constantly call Rameez’s home to request or rather beg him and his family to stay unknown to Imtiaz and Suhana’s married life. Despite all the calls, Rameez called Suhana and invited her to meet reminding her of the old days to which Suhana agreed. Rameez emotionally blackmailed her which led her to choose revolt against her family and Imtiaz. She went in front of her husband, Imtiaz and told him that she loved Rameez and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Moreover, Imtiaz agreed and set her free.

She got home and told her parents the same and they were reluctant but Suhana was adamant about living with Rameez. She even threatened her parents that she will stop meeting them if they didn’t let her marry him. For the sake of the happiness of their daughter, they agreed and Suhana married Rameez.

Their initial months as a married couple went pleasant but things started to get down when despite working on his own, Rameez asked Suhana to maintain the boutique Imtiaz provided her. After a few months, Rameez started taking money from Suhana’s father without her consent and even without letting her know. Suhana was sick and needed attention but despite taking her to the hospital, he sold the car and went to her father for more money. When Suhana asked about the car, he threatened to hit her and that happened to be her last day in his house.

Suhana messaged ‘help me’ to Imtiaz but when he called her mother, she declined and lied that Suhana’s happy with Rameez. On her arrival at her parents’ home, Suhana decided to run her boutique from there and started an event management company as well. On the way back to their home, Seema (soon to be the wife of Imtiaz) blamed Imtiaz that he still loves Suhana and acted insecurely. Imtiaz went abroad for business. Meanwhile, back here in Pakistan, his mother got sick and she called Suhana and went to the hospital with her. After an Angioplasty surgery, Suhana called Imtiaz and told him about everything that was happening in his absence.

Upon his return, Suhana was still in his home waiting for him to arrive so she could leave. They had a brief conversation. Also, Imtiaz’s mother requested Suhana whether she can plan his wedding with Seema and she agreed.

When the family had to go to the preparations of Imtiaz’s wedding, Suhana had an emotional conversation with her maid Manzoora where she confessed that Imtiaz is way better than Rameez ever was and that she regretted all the decisions she took in the past.

While she was standing to talk, Imtiaz stood there listening everything. Upon his arrival, Mahzoora left and both of them had a heartfelt talk where Imtiaz said, “Tum hi meri pehli our akhri muhabbat ho. I cannot live without you,” which made the followers and fans of the drams go ‘AWWW’ with tears of happiness in their eyes.

This drama deciphers that God Almighty has the superior knowledge of past, present, and the future and he never decides anything against his creations because he is the one who loves them more than 80 mothers. As grandmother told, Istikhara for Imtiaz and Suhana came positive so it was because the God Almighty chose them for each other since they can only find love and solace in each other and not anyone else from the past.

To watch the complete episodes, click here.


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