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Have a look these icons flaunting Ajraks!

Have a look these icons flaunting Ajraks!

The society of Sindhi is inspired by great Sufis, the spirituals and the martyrs, Sindh is known to be the land of love, ease, peace, romance and other artistry values. The culture of Sindh is flooded with a versatility in terms of music, festivals, cultural heritage and lifestyle.Sindhi language is a historical language which is spoken in many parts of Pakistan. A Sindhi Cultural Day is the combination of music, folk dance and much other entertainment for the regional people.

Our icons leave no stones un turned to be in the limelight of every occasion making the best of it, they don’t need a reason to flaunt their fashion skills – be it any way possible. Looks at them looking downright stunning!

Fahad Mustafa : 


Sanam Baloch :


Nadia Hussain : 


Ahsan Khan 


Abdullah Farhatullah 



Kalki Koechlin


Abida Parveen


Imran Khan 


Bilawal Bhutto 

Afghan policemen arrive at the site of a Taliban attack in the Afghan capital of Kabul, Afghanistan December 11, 2015. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

Ayyan Ali


Salman Khan


We wanted to add a cherry on top with this hit number! Enjoy.