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In Photos: Asad And Zara Are Legit Couple goals

In Photos: Asad And Zara Are Legit Couple goals

Asad Siddiqui has been one of the most pivotal television artists Pakistan has ever produced. His work is widely celebrated in all hemispheres of Pakistan. The protagonist has performed drastically well in all his dramas, transforming them into legit visual treats.

Born and raised in Karachi, Siddiqui holds an MBA degree but his admiration for the showbiz has led him to engross in variable projects. Having started his career as a model, Siddiqui went on to become an actor. Apart from his excessive drama appearances, he has also performed in various television commercials.

On the other hand, Zara Noor Abbas is well celebrated for her astounding acting talent. Being the daughter of veteran actress Asma Abbas and the niece of Bushra aapa, she has got acting in her blood. The starlet has pursued a degree in Theatre, Film, and Television from Lahore while she went on to garner variable diplomas in film from abroad. After the completion of her studies, the diva moved to Karachi and started getting projects as a lead thespian.

Both these actors got married last year amidst few ceremonial events. The wedding celebrations were attended by all the A-game artistes of Pakistan, from actors, singers to directors, producers, and even sportsmen. Asad and Zara gave major couple goals to all the spectators at abundant instances. Both our favorite bubbly celebrities were friends before they tied the knot and they shared quite a fabulous time together.

Here are a few posts shared by Asad on his Instagram profile to exhibit his love for Zara.


When you love someone, you love their family too, and Asad Siddiqui knows how to attain it like a pro.


Albeit she looks angry here, Siddiqui posts the photo with a beautiful caption.


All the videos he uploads that incorporate Zara are always fun to watch.


Soon after they have gotten married, Asad uploads this photo. What a cute couple!


He never misses a chance to admire his bubbly spouse.


They have ice-skated on their first trip after tying the knot.


Have a look at this lad standing with industry’s extraordinary ladies.


This cutie hacks Asad’s phone to post this photo. This lovey-dovey couple is super cute.


Asad uses his ultimate sense of humor to wish his wife on her birthday. Have a look!


She must’ve been expecting this midnight surprise.


The actor again brings his A-game humor to the table.


Amidst relatives and close relatives, Zara’s birthday has been celebrated.


These two are absolute couple goals.


Hands down, Asad and Zara’s couple is officially our favorite celebrity couple. We hope that they never miss an opportunity to amazing us with their admiration for each other.

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